wagner und der millenium falcon

wagner und der millenium falcon

man haetts wissen muessen:


gefunden dank life without buildings (pic von  life without buildings)

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  1. José says:


    I must say that from the Renaissance untill nowadays, thinking has not evolved that much, in fact I find that we’ve become more “lazy” in terms of thinking than in the times of the great phylosophers, scientists thinkers and painters.
    We’re too devoted to technology, but devoted in a consumming way, not how it works.
    Many times I’ve noticed that movie directors, writers and producers are keen on taking advantage (in the good sense) of the “old masters”.
    I also have the opinion that many of the movies with stories taking place in the future are a reliable way of seeing the future. Movies like Total Recall are quite logical concerning what may happen in a not so far away future.


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